The Comedy Workshop: Episode #4

A new panel of comedians assigned a random topic and have a week to write 3-5 minutes of content on that topic.  After each comic performs their set they are then provided feedback, suggestions, tags, etc.  This week's panel includes Justen Williams with the topic of 'relics', Matt Sway with the topic of 'settlers', Alisha Rayne discussing 'slimfast', Cavin Eggleston with the topic of 'deja vu' and your host Mike Payne teaching 'trigonometry '.

You can support each guest through social media. Mike Payne @mikepaynecomedy; Alisha Rayne @alisharayne,; Justen Williams @jus10williams; Matt Sway @matt_swaycomedy and Cavin Eggleston @cavin_egg

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